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        Performance Materials for Harsh Environments

        Edgetek™ XT High Performance Copolyesters

        Stands Up to Harsh Chemicals

        Edgetek™ XT high performance material blends offer outstanding strength, durability and chemical resistance, and are suitable for demanding applications where harsh operating environments are often a factor. Through a combination of various customizable polymeric resins, including Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, BPA-free Edgetek XT exhibits outstanding aesthetics, dimensional stability and resistance to stress cracking even in applications where low temperatures, high UV exposure, automotive fluids or other chemical contact, or elevated operating temperatures occur.

        In addition to its exceptional performance in challenging operating environments, Edgetek XT is easy to process, due to its high flow properties, wide processing window and short cycle times, all of which can lead to improved cost-effectiveness and greater productivity.

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        Eco-conscious Composition


        • Exceptional alternative to PC/ABS blends used in housing applications where good structural performance and chemical resistance are required
        • Extended part life – material stands up to the wear and tear of harsh operating environments with excellent mechanical properties and toughness
        • Outstanding aesthetics and good impact resistance
        • Reduced possibility of stress cracking when in contact with harsh cleaners, oils and other substances – excellent chemical resistance

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        Edgetek? XT High Performance Copolyesters - Processing Guide
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        Barrel temperatures, injection and screw recovery parameters, mold temperature, drying conditions and moisture level for Edgetek? XT High Performance Copolyesters

        Edgetek? XT Processing Guide

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