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        Lead-Free Radiation Shielding Thermoplastics

        Trilliant™ XR Lead Replacement Thermoplastics

        Protects Patients & Personnel

        Medical device manufacturers that use Trilliant XR Lead Replacement Thermoplastics, a more sustainable shielding solution, can avoid the regulatory, disposal and employee exposure challenges associated with lead, while achieving the performance necessary to protect patients and healthcare workers from exposure to harmful radiation. With some grades matching the actual density of lead (11 gm/cm3), but at a lighter weight, manufacturers see the benefits of a more sustainable solution that also offers increased design freedom and excellent chemical resistance.

        Using Trilliant XR can also contribute to overall system cost reduction by avoiding costly record management and reporting requirements of using lead. The material features good impact strength, elevated heat deflection, corrosion resistance, and a broad modulus range from flexible to rigid.

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        Eco-conscious Composition


        • More sustainable alternative to lead for radiation shielding applications such as X-ray machines or CT scanners
        • Protects patients and healthcare workers from harmful radiation exposure
        • Customizable density to specific gravity requirements, or matching the density of lead (11gm/cm3)
        • Increased design freedom for complex part shapes, and easy to process
        • Chemically resistant to harsh cleaners, oils and fuels

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