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        Post-Industrial Recycled Nylon Formulations

        Nymax™ PIR Post-Industrial Recycled Nylon Formulations

        Recycled Content, High Performance

        Nymax™ PIR nylon materials feature standard and custom-formulated nylon 66 grades that contain post-industrial recycled content. Standard grades contain from 20%-100% recycled content. Nymax PIR materials can be combined with a wide range of reinforcements, modifiers and fillers to enhance performance requirements.

        Typically, nylon materials provide strength, durability, good stiffness and impact strength and can be tailored to enhance chemical and fire resistance. They have good weather resistance for use in outdoor applications. Nylon PIR formulations are no different, providing comparable performance to prime Nylon grades with the benefit of being a more sustainable solution.

        Our Nymax™ PIR materials can be found in transportation, consumer, household appliance, electrical and electronic, and industrial applications.

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        Improved Recyclability


        • Made from 20%-100% recycled content, supporting the circular economy
        • High strength and durability
        • Great stiffness and impact resistance
        • Customizable solution
        • Tailored chemical and fire resistance
        • Good weather resistance
        • Design flexibility

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        Military & Tactical Gear Manufacturer - Case Study
        Case Study
        Learn how Nymax™ PIR nylon materials improved the manufacturing of military and tactical gear.

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