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        Balanced Impact, Flow & Heat Properties

        Edgetek™ ABS, PC, PC/ABS Formulations

        Balanced Impact, Flow & Heat Properties

        The Edgetek™ ABS, PC, and PC/ABS product family offers balanced impact, flow and heat properties. It is a versatile product line with compatibility to a wide range of additives, reinforcing agents and colorants. Edgetek offers a great balance of properties making it suitable and widely used in a range of applications and industries, and is formulated with reinforcing additives to modify and expand on the performance of the base resin. These include: carbon fibers to improve the formulation’s physical properties and provide EMI/RFI shielding; glass fibers to improve the strength, stiffness, creep resistance, dimensional stability, toughness, heat distortion, hardness and electrical insulation; and glass beads to improve surface appearance, dimensional stability, electrical insulation and stiffness and minimize warpage.

        Serving a variety of industries, including transportation, industrial, household, healthcare, telecommunications, and electrical and electronic, these materials feature reduced weight, improved design flexibility and part consolidation at a significantly lower cost compared to machined components.

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        • Structurally reinforced formulations, utilizing glass or carbon fibers to dramatically improve strength, dimensional stability, toughness and load-bearing ability
        • High-temperature formulations, based on both amorphous and semi-crystalline resins, which retain their physical properties and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures
        • Flame-retardant formulations, offering UL certification and compliance while maintaining the performance of the base engineering resin

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        Edgetek? High Performance Formulations - Processing Guide
        Processing Guides
        Applicable to multiple products; injection molding parameters, startup and shutdown, mold design, and troubleshooting recommendations for Edgetek? High Performance Formulations

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