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        Oxygen Scavengers

        Why risk content degradation? ColorMatrix? oxygen scavengers can help you reduce the risk of inferior product quality due to oxygen ingress while enabling you to tailor your shelf life requirements. Oxygen scavengers are easy to use, keep your containers clear and are guaranteed to perform at a high level when used as recommended.

        ColorMatrix? Amosorb? Oxygen Scavenger for PET

        Control shelf life and reduce the risk of content degradation by incorporating our oxygen barrier solutions.


        ColorMatrix? Amosorb? SolO2 Barrier System

        Active oxygen scavenging performance and a passive O2/CO2 barrier provide the ultimate protection combo for non-carbonated products and carbonated beverages.


        ColorMatrix? HyGuard? Oxygen Scavenger for PET

        HyGuard oxygen scavengers provide crystal clear, high performance O2 barrier for PET containers.