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        OnCap? Multi-Purge? Additives

        Our purge concentrates are a cost-effective and universal way to help increase the effective manufacturing time of your plastics processing machinery. OnCap??Multi-Purge? formulations are cost-effective because they significantly reduce clean-out time during color and material changes. Multi-Purge solutions are available for a variety of processing conditions and operating temperatures, and can be recycled.


        Why are our OnCap Multi-Purge?reusable purge concentrates so popular? The effectiveness of Multi-Purge concentrates stems from the mechanical scrubbing action developed between the material, plasticizing screw and barrel during purging. This dynamic action loosens and removes degraded material and color specks from barrel walls, screw flights, and pitted and cracked areas of your equipment, leaving it ready for the next batch.

        These purge concentrates are effective at cleaning both extrusion and injection molding equipment to improve your manufacturing efficiency.??? ??? ??? ???

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