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        Smartbatch? FX for Paint Replacement

        Smartbatch? FX for Paint Replacement

        What if a polymer could give you the look of metallic paint without the hassle and performance drawbacks??Smartbatch? FX colorant technology eliminates your need to paint plastic parts without forcing a compromise on appearance or quality. We’ve helped numerous customers maintain a high part quality as they transition from paint to using molded-in colors.?You can rely on our expertise and experience for your paint replacement applications.


        Smartbatch FX concentrates help manufacturers achieve the look of metallic finishes without the issues associated with painting or plating. These concentrates are designed to help you:

        • Enhance consumer appeal: Delight your customers with exciting products that break with tradition, achieving the highest standards for surface appearance.
        • Simplify manufacturing processes: By eliminating paint, you simplify your operations -- reducing steps and complexity.
        • Lower environmental impact: By integrating color effects into the plastic, you avoid common environmental issues associated with secondary finishing.
        • Achieve solid in-service performance: UV resistance of parts made with Smartbatch FX masterbatch concentrates is comparable to painted plastic.
        • Reduce systems cost: Reducing steps, eliminating processes, reducing manufacturing complexity and logistics will speed your production cycle, reduce your scrap rates and lower your total cost.

        Smartbatch FX concentrates incorporate well in most thermoplastic processes; an accurate feeding system is required for a uniform effect. Product design and processing parameters are developed with this sensitivity in mind. Collaborate with our talented technical experts for the smoothest transition away from painted products.

        Key characteristics of Smartbatch FX:

        • Surface appearance: Smartbatch FX concentrates are able to meet the highest standards for surface appearance.
        • Scratch Resistance: Unlike painted parts, which can show the smallest scratches, parts made with Smartbatch FX concentrates have in-depth color so that minor scratches often remain invisible.
        • Anti-dust adhesion: Can be built into a formulation for extra value addition.
        • UV Resistance: Products containing Smartbatch FX concentrates compare favorably to painted plastic parts in terms of UV resistance.

        Smartbatch FX concentrates are ideally suited for:

        • Automotive exterior parts
        • Automotive interior parts
        • Appliances
        • Consumer goods
        Name Category Description  
        Exterior Automotive Trim - Case Study
        Case Study
        OnColor? FX Smartbatch? adds metallic style and improves cost performance of exterior automotive trim