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        Cosmetic Pigment Dispersions

        Colorsperse? color dispersions for cosmetics from GSDI provide cosmetic formulators with the best possible pigment solutions to meet their needs. By working closely with cosmetic customers, we’re able to develop innovative color and pigment results that differentiate their products and accelerate time to market.

        The extensive grinding, wetting out, milling, particle separation, and testing phases are minimized with the Colorsperse color process – a process that previously could take several weeks of production time.

        Our products are cosmetic-grade pigment dispersions. They’re pre-ground into a non-volatile dimethicone system, which eliminates the need for preparation phases.

        Our world leading specialists in pigments, additives and catalysts for silicone polymers extends to a wide range of applications. Let us help you with your challenges.

        Colorsperse?cosmetic pigment dispersions deliver value by:

        • Improving the cosmetic production process
        • Providing substantial benefits to you and your customers
        • Significantly improving delivery lead times


        • Foundations - Colorsperse colors can provide the individual iron oxide and titanium dioxide formulations to be developed for unique skin tone matches
        • BB/CC Creams -?For these increasingly popular skincare products, we can provide gentle tints for subtle color correction performance
        • Lip Gloss -?Thousands of color dispersions, including shimmer and pearlescent effects, can be added to your custom formula to achieve the perfect color
        • Lip Stick -?Customizable color choices with special effects provide the perfect look for any occasion



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