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        Stan-Tone? WDN Water Dispersions

        Tailored water dispersions that provide consistent color value and tint strength

        Stan-Tone? WDN Dispersions can help you to meet?the sensitive standards for dispersions, specifically pH levels, strength and shade and provide consistent color value and tint strength. They are manufactured using only pigments, alkali-stabilized acrylic resin, water and a small amount of non-metallic preservative. These dispersions?are free from surfactants, wetting agents, glycols, de-foamers or other additives that could add complexity to your process.?


        • Meets?standards for dispersion, pH, solids, strength and shade
        • Custom blending available on minimum batch sizes of 500 gallons
        • Consistent color and tint strength
        • Formulated to minimize settling (light stirring is always recommended)
        • Range includes high solid, organic and inorganic pigment dispersions

        Ensure to store products at temperatures above 32°F (0°C).

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