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        Aquarius? Pigment Concentrates

        Bright, universal pigment set

        The Zodiac™ Aquarius™ pigment range has 15 highly concentrated colors. The range is compatible with all Aquarius printing bases for simplification of inventory management and ease of use.  These pigments are integrated into the Zodiac Aquarius Ink Management System (IMS), which provides color formulas to match with Pantone® standard colors as well as brand colors for approved printers.


        IMS 3.0 Color Matching Software: A cloud-based solution for managing color and inventory in the textile screen-printing market. Click here to access IMS 3.0.



        • Universal pigment system
        • Highly concentrated pigments
        • Supported by Zodiac? Aquarius? IMS

        Main Application

        Universal pigment concentrates, may be used in all Aquarius printing systems, including specialty products

        Pigment Loading

        Consult PIB for print base

        Mesh Count

        Consult PIB for print base


        Color Card

        Download our color card to learn more about the product range and colors available.

        Color Management

        Access the IMS 3.0 Ink Management Software

        Compliance & Regulatory

        Learn more about our regulatory compliance commitments by reviewing our guidelines and policies.

        Zodiac? Aquarius? Pigments
        Pigment NameReference
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Fluorescent Yellow
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Fluorescent Red
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Fluorescent Pink
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Fluorescent Violet
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Magenta
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Red B
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Orange
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Yellow R
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Yellow G
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Green
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Blue R
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Blue G
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Violet
        Zodiac? Aquarius? Black
        Zodiac? Aquarius? White