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        Aquarius? Soft Base Ink

        Bright, vivid colors and super soft-hand feel

        Zodiac™ Aquarius™ soft base ink is designed to produce soft hand prints on white or light-colored garments. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, soft base ink can be printed wet on wet and will not dry on the screens – even when printing up to 320 mesh counts. Bright colors with great fastness properties are achieved with our Aquarius™ water-based pigments.


        • Maintains soft fabric feel
        • Print wet on wet
        • Excellent fastness properties up to 6% pigment loading
        • Will not dry on the screen

        Product Highlights

        Main Application

        Ready to use Base for soft hand prints on white or light colored garments

        Pigment Loading

        6% maximum

        Mesh Count

        Up to 90T/320T mesh


        Tone Process Data

        Download the Adobe? Photoshop? data for Aquarius? Process Inks.

        Compliance & Regulatory

        Learn more about our regulatory compliance commitments by reviewing our guidelines and policies.

        Color Management

        Access the IMS 3.0 Ink Management Software