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        Custom in-vivo formulations

        NEU™ Custom Capabilities

        Short-Term In-Vivo Solution

        NEU™ Custom Capabilities offer a balance of material science expertise and technical application development to manufacture a short-term in-vivo catheter material that meets the formulation specifications for your medical application when performance and speed to market are paramount.

        We collaborate with engineers, project managers and designers to assist you in achieving comprehensive device performance. Our expertise encompasses engineering polymers (polyolefins to PEEK), functional additives (radiopacity, lubrication, stabilization and many others) and color to deliver a solution solving your most complex material problem.

        NEU™ custom formulations are products of NEU Specialty Engineered Materials, LLC.

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        • Custom, short-term in-vivo catheter
        • Formulation and manufacturing expertise to meet specifications
        • Array of engineering polymers and functional enhancements to meet complex performance demands
        • Custom color to match specification

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